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Get In Touch

Just send me an email with a description of what you need to do (or what you need to know more about). Emails are free! Here are things I have done in the past and what I can do for you in the present:

  • Web development (front- and back-end in a variety of standard tech stacks, CMS customization and integration)
  • Design (websites and apps, product features, logos and branding, image sourcing and creation, data visualizations)
  • Technical documents (user manuals and self-help portals, general technical writing, process documentation, training manuals)
  • Content writing (blog and website copy, product reviews, study guides, editorials, SEO)
  • Editing and proofreading (US, UK, and AUS English, all major grammar and usage style guides)
  • Technical support (managing and manipulating ITSM platforms and workflows, troubleshooting, support tool building, and scripting)
  • Topical research, investigation, and analysis (database queries, executive reports, data analysis, finding out what old or defunct systems do)
  • General technical consulting, determining requirements, discovery, and other miscellanies