Black and white photo of a discarded pregnancy test that says "not pregnant" next to a piece of cardboard on the sidewalk.

Finally, a Use for This Site

Writing isn't as effective today without a video component – when was the last time you read an in-depth article compared to watching a YouTube or TikTok video? And which was more impactful to you? As I work on getting some additional video gear together, I will use this space to catalog my photos.

Subsequently, my writing going forward will primarily be for video scripts.

What is still effective today are static images, however. Take a look at the above photo. The image caught my eye while walking around town a couple of weeks ago.

What story does it tell? Really take some time to construct a good one in your mind.

Now that you know the history of this discarded pregnancy test... think up another story for it. How does it differ from the first story? How does it remain similar? Do this a few times.

Now, consider these stories, their similarities, and their differences. What does this tell you about the world around you and the people within it? More importantly, however, what does this tell you about your beliefs about the world, the people within it, and any biases you may have?