Free E-Book on Software Architecture Patterns

O'Reilly produces quality reading materials.

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Not much to this post today. I just saw a free e-book from O'Reilly about common software architecture patterns, so I figured I would offer the link for download if anyone sees this and wants it. Click through this link to get the PDF.

If you aren't familiar with "patterns," they are, well... patterns. They are common "solutions" in software and web architecture to common problems encountered in those fields.

Consider real-world architecture. You see patterns within it every day, even though you might not recognize them. That foyer where you take your shoes off? That's a pattern that's reproduced very often, as it was found that people needed a place when entering homes to store their shoes and coats. That bathroom is a pattern and that living room is a pattern and that kitchen is a pattern. Each room has a different purpose, and each room's structure fits its purpose. Each room in each building might vary a bit, but they have commonalities within each category.

The building itself is a pattern—a single-family home will take a different form than a multi-level office building containing many businesses. Why? Because each building is built for a different purpose, with standard functionalities shared across building types. Single-family homes are more similar to other single-family homes than multi-level office buildings and vice versa.

Software and web architecture are no different. A personal blog will share architectural similarities with other personal blogs, and a video-hosting service will share architectural similarities with other video-hosting services.

So check out that book if you'd like an introduction to software architecture—for free!