New Site. New Disappointing eBay Purchase.

I thought I had it, but now I've got to deal with customer service.

Illustration of a VTech PreComputer 1000 within a picture frame.

No, I don't mean the site is a disappointment. Ghost's CMS has been excellent to work with.

I wanted to have something ready for my new site CMS deployment. I wanted to have an old system I played with when I was a kid—the VTech PreComputer 1000. It was the first computer I ever wrote a program on.

I wanted to do a full write-up about the games on it and the lesser-known tool with instructions located at the back of the manual. This tool was a program that let you write and store your own programs in the computer's working memory using a variant of BASIC called PRE-BASIC. I wanted to make a little song with it, with a full write-up on the process.

But the seller on eBay never sent the item. Now I get to tangle with eBay's customer service.


Oh well, in the future, I will get one... somewhere. However, they're few and far between, at least if you expect them to be in working condition.

In the meantime, I will be writing about Ghost, a great CMS that this site was built with. I used the default Casper theme as the basis and added some custom features. Simple stuff, really, and Ghost has been optimized specifically for the type of site I wanted—a blog with a premium subscription option. It's built-in, so there is no need for integrations or extra work. Future articles will feature more in-depth modifications that you might find a use for if you want to spin up your own Ghost site.

Well, I'll be writing about all sorts of stuff. Stay tuned.

Now, time to go hunt down another VTech...