Privacy & Data Use

Curious about how your data is used here?

Curious about how your data is used here?

Ghost (the open-source CMS this website is built with) doesn't use tracking cookies.

I use Google Analytics to analyze traffic on this site. The data provided by Google Analytics is anonymized. Aggregated data allows me to know the types of devices connecting to the site, visitors' general locations, the site's performance, how much visitors click on things, and similar bits of information with no personal identification attached. It does this with a tracking cookie that monitors user behavior on the site. It then produces reports derived from that data that I can view.

If you ever want to remove the tracking cookie, go to your browser's settings and clear the cookies for the site.

I don't sell visitor or subscriber information to third parties. Any information you share with me about yourself or your business during consultations or conversations is confidential unless you grant permission otherwise.

Ghost provides me with your email address, your name, and whether you open a post sent to you via email after you sign up to receive the newsletter.