Illustration of a mechanic working underneath a vehicle.


I offer three primary types of services.

Tech Consulting

Technology is everywhere, and I consider myself a generalist at this point. My experience with tech has been extensive in both the front-end and back-end of tech stacks and systems, and I know what tools you need to accomplish the goals you have set for yourself or your organization. I have seen companies utilize technology to achieve great ends. I have seen organizations ignore the impact of technology to their detriment. There is always a lesson to be learned in every application of any technology, whether cutting edge or... well, let's say deprecated.

Whether you're a large organization operating within an ITIL framework or providing ITSM services, or whether you're just a tiny startup or individually run business trying to figure out what will be the best platform to use to not drown in processing fees, I can help you make an informed decision about the technology you rely on for your business to run smoothly. And I won't even use any jargon (unless you want me to).

Web Development

I have experience in a variety of languages and tech stacks. At this point, getting up to speed on the latest framework is just another tool in the toolbelt that I sharpen regularly. Do you have a React Native app that needs to be updated with a new feature? Do you need your website that's hosted by (insert CMS platform here) to have a Shopify integration set up and appropriately styled? Do you have a mind-blowing idea for a browser-based game but no developers with experience in three.js? Do you have a web portal that used to work, but now it doesn't, and the team that made it is long gone? Do you need to normalize a database an intern made ten years ago?

These are all problems I am prepared to solve for you.

Content and Copy

I've been writing and editing for years. Website copy, end-user technical documentation and self-help portals, process documentation and knowledge base building, study guides and academic paper editing, UX copy, editorials, blog posts, product reviews, executive reports... I've done them all. I can work with US/UK/AUS English in any major style (or your own if you have an in-house style guide).

Contact me with your project's requirements for a quote.

Bonus Service: Anything

This is the real world, after all. It's a wide one with many possibilities and problems you might not have the team to solve. Maybe you don't even know what you need and would like someone at the other end of a Zoom call to bounce ideas off who has a different skillset and perspective. Maybe you can't put into words what you need to be done, but you know you need to do something. Maybe you need a temporary QA, tech support, or asset management specialist. Maybe you need a podcast produced.

I'm a jack-of-all-trades generalist with various professional and personal experiences who is willing to have a conversation about whatever you're trying to get done. Emails are always free. Ask me some questions, and I'll give you some answers. Knowledge should always be shared.