SUPERJUMP has finally made the leap.

The word "Superjump" with strange characters beneath it.

I still have some optimizations to be released for the site when it comes to mobile browsing on slower networks, but the site is up and running and looking quite pretty (if I do say so myself). Check it out at!

One easy win will be using a service like Cloudinary to convert images to more modern formats like webp automatically. Expecting hundreds of contributors to do that themselves is not a reasonable expectation—most people will submit a png or jpeg (or worse) and go about their lives. Forcing the editors to format images is another intolerable situation. It pays to be kind to your mobile users with small file sizes, and it pays to be kind to editors by letting them, you know... edit!

Other potentials floating in the ether are a comment section for posts. The team is currently discussing how they'd like to have it implemented. The benefits are apparent—comment sections can help build a community and increase engagement, and SUPERJUMP has a spectacular gang of contributors and editors built up over the last few years in the context of having a comment section on Medium. The drawbacks are also obvious—now someone has to moderate the comment section, and as sites grow, that can become a burden.

Another feature being discussed is search functionality. That's going through the rounds, too, to figure out the best implementation for the site. On the one hand, a simple Google programmable search engine would be easy to integrate, but then you have to pay unless you're comfortable with a bunch of ads being served to your audience. A better option, in my opinion, is ghostHunter, which is also easy to set up, has no ads, and has helpful configuration options. The downfall to this solution is that ghostHunter operates completely within the browser, meaning that memory is limited. SUPERJUMP pumps out hundreds of articles a year, and it may not be realistic to assume the browser can manage that level of temporary memory use. There are other solutions to create search functionality, but I'll have to see what the team wants to commit to it.

Anyway, enough about the boring stuff. If you're not in the know, SUPERJUMP is the premier Medium gaming publication that just became fully independent with its own Ghost CMS build. They publish excellent articles that go much further than the clickbait reviews you'll find elsewhere. Actually, clickbait is a big no-no over there. Their content is so good that they've received the Samsung IT Journalism "Best Independent Media" Award. I look forward to seeing where they take the project.

This is an exciting time for James and the team, a great group of people spread over (I think?) every continent. Congrats on the move, SUPERJUMP!

Check out the first featured post on their new site, "Applying Usability Heuristics to Undertale" by Maria Meireles, or the most recent one, "Disco Elysium: Hope in the Face of Despair" by Cat Bussell.