Everything must change lest it should find itself defunct.

Illustration of two arrows pointing at each other's ends, forming a circle.

Just a quick post to remind me of things, to update current and future readers – and break the cycle of work work work in a perpetually busy project.

The first update is about what I will be writing about going forward. I initially created this site to post occasional ramblings about web development and the tech world. That's evident in the existing tags.

Future articles will be about more complex and thoughtful topics. When I wrote on Medium, I published a piece called "The Modern Broken Heart," which, predictably, did well for the people who read it and poorly regarding the algorithm. This was to be expected – Medium is a place for clickbait titles, listicles, political/cultural polemics, and self-help-guru nonsense. Nuanced creative non-fiction doesn't have a home there.

These deeper pieces will cover everything from the aforementioned creative non-fiction to dives into literature, specifically in philosophy, sociology, political science, and anthropology... and probably a thousand more academic topics. Some will also contain my original interpretations of the modern condition and ways of thinking about the world from a philosophical lens.

A recent book I've finished is volume one of Lewis Mumford's The Myth of the Machine, an excellent examination of the entire history of humanity viewed from a perspective that takes "mankind as a tool-maker" and flips it on its head toward "man as a maker of symbolic thought, ritual, and machine." The stone tool means nothing compared to humanity's other inventions, and the modern technocratic world ignores this at its peril. This is an example of the topics I'd like to examine here. Other people on the interwebs have done an excellent job of rambling about the tech space – let them handle that. I've gotta talk about other, cooler stuff.

The second update is Ghost itself. This site is made with Ghost, an open-source CMS I have fallen in love with since I started using it. Many of the older integrations that were a bit painful and costly to implement are beginning to be managed directly by the team at Ghost, and they appear to be handling it very well.

For instance, search functionality now comes built-in with a helper function. Themes can be automatically assessed for errors and deprecation using the new GScan tool. And their docs have finally been fleshed out quite fully (they were sorely lacking before, making each unique functionality to be built a bit of a chore, as many of the niche features of the system had to be found on blog posts from four years ago).

That's what Ghost 5.x brings, and it's a breath of fresh air for the project. Anything to save time regarding this stuff is a welcome addition, and their trajectory seems to be in a great direction.

Anyway, that's it. That's the update. I have a few pieces in the hopper that I look forward to working on in the coming days. I'll see you then.