Hi. I'm Dan.

Learn about what services I offer and how to request an estimate.

I write content for websites and publications. I can write about any topic with the proper preparation but my main areas of expertise are educational topics (the sciences, philosophy, mathematics, engineering, and the arts), technology, social commentary, and gaming. My experience with educational topics in particular has equipped me with the ability to quickly research topics and speak with authority while providing lists of resources to verify accuracy.

For any work I do, it is helpful if you can provide answers to the following:

  • Who is the intended audience? (College freshmen, PC gamers, industry or business professionals, casual readers, potential sales contacts, etc.)
  • How will this audience be reached? (Search engines, social media or news aggregator feeds, paper distribution, a blog, an app's splash page, organic visitation to a page on a website, etc.)
  • Are titles and headers provided?
  • What publication will the piece appear in?
  • What is the overall message of the piece? (Buy a product or service, learn about a new feature, establish a publication as an industry thought leader, entertain, argue a position on a topic, etc.)
  • What tone should the piece achieve? (Casual blogs, marketing newsletters, gadget reviews, formal press releases, and technical writing are all drastically more effective with different styles of writing.)
  • What is the desired word count?
  • Are there any suggested references that should be used?

To request an estimate for a job or piece of writing, please review the above and send me an email. Unless specified otherwise in our conversation, I will provide the copy within one week (7 calendar days/5 business days) and come with one round of revisions. Please allow an additional week (7 calendar days/5 business days) from the date of feedback for the revisions to be completed.